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Caring for Your Piano Keyboard

Caring For Your Piano Keyboard

One of the major benefits of buying new keyboards is that they require much less maintenance than used pianos. However, this doesn’t imply owning a digital piano is as easy as placing it in a corner in your home and only remembering it when you want to play something. On the contrary, there are several maintenance tasks that you must do if you want your instrument to remain in mint condition for a long time. Caring for your piano keyboard is so much easier if you know what to do. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your keyboard in perfect condition.

Choose a Safe Location

Keyboards and digital pianos are prone to damage when exposed to certain elements. Therefore, just as you take the time to find the perfect spots for your furniture, you should do the same with your instrument. The main elements to watch out for include heat, moisture, water, and sunlight. Make sure to avoid areas of direct sunlight and place your instrument at least 4 meters away from areas where moisture and heat may be an issue.

Another thing to consider when looking for a safe location for your keyboard is the amount of foot traffic. Areas where you expect a lot of traffic should be avoided as they expose the keyboard to bumps. And, if people keep bumping into or hitting against the instrument, it can suffer all sorts of damage including the loosening of keys, cracks, and scratches. Therefore, the less the foot traffic the better.

Clean the Instrument Correctly and Regularly

We all know that regular cleaning of a digital piano is crucial to keeping it looking attractive and preventing dust from lodging into the keys and interfering with the instrument’s performance. However, very few people realize that the manner in which you do the cleaning is equally as important. Proper cleaning leaves the instrument looking spotless and performing at its best while improper cleaning can cause damage that’s far worse than the effects of dust on the instrument.

All keyboards need to be cleaned in a certain way so remember to check your instruction manual for the specific and acceptable cleaning methods for your particular model. You should also always use a dry cloth when wiping your instrument as a wet cloth can cause damage.

Maintain Proper Electronic Care

By simply observing proper electronic care, you’ll be able to ensure that your instrument does not suffer damage as a result of electrical mishaps. A good place to start would be ensuring that the outlet you’re plugging into is properly insulated and in good condition. This will go a long way towards protecting your keyboard against power surges and sudden power cuts. Other things to do include:

  • Avoiding plugging your keyboard alongside other electrical appliances
  • Keeping the instrument’s cords and cables out of the way
  • Unplugging the digital piano before switching it off properly

Be Careful When You’re Around Your Keyboard

Items such as crumbs, hair, grease, sugar, drinks, etc, are all bad news should they happen to get spilled onto your keyboard. Entry of these items can result in breakdown of your musical instrument – or worse, cause the instrument to short circuit. Therefore, you should be very careful whenever you’re around your keyboard. Avoid drinking or eating while playing the piano and always ensure that you’ve washed your hands and wiped them dry before playing (especially when you’ve just completed some household chores or eating.)

Take Protective Measures

A digital piano is just as vulnerable to damage when not in use as it is when being used. In addition to being careful when you’re around the instrument, you should take protective measures to ensure that it doesn’t suffer damage while not in use. These include leaving the keys covered, preventing your pets from climbing onto the instrument, and turning it off properly after every use. Another important protective measure includes ensuring that only qualified personnel service and fix any problems with your instrument.

Most digital pianos and keyboards are designed to be long-lasting instruments that require little maintenance to stay in good shape. However, even the best of these instruments can wear out quickly when exposed to improper use. If you want to enhance the durability of your instrument, make sure to put the above maintenance tips into practice.