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Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano Review

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano

To say that the Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano has Casio's usual touch of undisputed excellence would be an understatement. This model can be said to be the epitome of Casio's innovation and experience as it features groundbreaking technology, exceptional sound quality, and excellent keyboard action.

If you want the best that digital pianos have to offer, this model is without a doubt the option to go for as it has managed to leave its competitors far behind in terms of technology, performance, and sound quality. Take a few minutes to read this review to discover more about this excellent digital piano.

Authentic Grand Piano Sound and Feel

Thanks to the combination of a Multi-Expressive Integrated (MXi) built-in sound source, a Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II Keyboard, and ivory and ebony keys, the Casio CGP-700BK Digital Grand Piano lives up to its name by emulating a grand piano in all aspects of sound, action, and performance.

The keys deliver the pristine feel and response of acoustic pianos and also help to prevent your fingers from slipping. The MXi sound source in turn gives off the most authentic piano sound as it contains an exquisite mix of meticulously recorded piano sounds that were recorded using over a dozen microphones placed in different locations.

A Ton Of Sound Options

In addition to 550 built-in tones and 200 rhythms, the Casio CGP-700BK allows you to extend your play options by connecting to iPads, computers, and iPhones through the included USB port. Furthermore, the digital piano has 128-note polyphony that allows you to deliver a masterful performance of songs from any genre.

Casio CGP-700BK Review

Multiple Speaker Sound System

One of the fun aspects about playing the piano is being able to hear the beautiful music you're making. Casio's CGP-700BK delivers sound loud and clear. The digital grand piano sports four speakers in the top panel and an additional 2 speakers in the included stand. These speakers not only deliver massive sound amplification but also provide you with what's arguably the best sound output among the various digital pianos this model's price range. And should you wish to make your playing even louder, the CGP-700BK has outputs for connecting to exterior amplifiers too.

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Large Color Touch Interface

If a good interface is one of the more important features you're looking for in a digital piano, then the Casio CGP-700BK will not disappoint. This digital grand piano features a 5.3-inch high-resolution color touch interface display that’s both bright and clear. The display features huge color pallets that allow you to easily navigate through the piano's impressive features through simple touch and swipe gestures.

Another advantage of the color touch interface is that it provides you with complete control over the digital piano. As a result, you'll be able to avoid making silly mistakes that affect your playing experience.

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano Accessories

• Music rest

• Sustain pedal

• Stand with two 40-watt speakers

• Power supply

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano with Color Touch Screen Display Review


The Casio CGP-700BK Digital Grand Piano measures 58.9 x 15.1 x 15.8 inches and weighs 56.7 pounds.


• The included USB port allows you double the already wide range of music the digital piano features.

• The front panel of the digital piano has a dedicated button that allows you to instantly access your favorite sound.

• One of the best features of the Casio CGP-700BK is multiple speakers that allow you to hear yourself play. However, this digital piano is also conducive for instances when you want to play without disturbing those around you. The digital piano has dual headphone jacks that allow you to play silently and even invite a second pair of ears to listen to your music.

• You'll be able to use the digital piano to listen to your MP3 player and other devices through an aux stereo input.

• Features a duet mode that splits the keyboard into two equal ranges perfect for a teacher student setting or complex playing.

• The Casio CGP-700BK has a sleek and lightweight design that makes carrying the digital piano to outdoor places relatively easily.


• Some users have complained that the wooden stand is not sturdy enough.


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The Casio CGP-700BK has had quite an overwhelmingly positive reception from past purchasers, most of whom have taken the time to write lengthy reviews due to how much they love the digital piano. In these reviews, the Casio CGP-700BK has been described as awesome, the best in its price range, great option, and superb digital piano (just to name a few). So, you should be prepared to be amazed by the Casio CGP-700BK too!

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano Price

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The Casio CGP-700BK Digital Grand Piano will grow with you right from your beginner days to when you become an expert pianist. What's more, the instrument's extensive range of features allows it to adapt to several settings. This includes an educational environment, personal use at home, and even live performances on stage. Whether you're just a piano enthusiast learning your way around the world of piano music, a keen student of piano playing, or even professional pianist/musician, this digital piano makes a worthwhile buy whose rewards you'll reap for a long time.

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