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Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano Review

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

The 88-key Casio PX760 BK Privia piano is an improvement of the PX750 model, and has all of its predecessor's features plus a few impressive additions. The added features range from a new play along song library of orchestrated classical music to smoother sound and precision. So, if you were impressed with the Casio PX750, you can be sure that you'll adore the PX760. Let's take a detailed look at the features of the Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano.

Amazing Sound Quality

Just like the PX750, the Casio PX760 features Casio's award winning AiR sound technology. The Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) sound system uses over 3 times the memory of previous Casio generations and the help of four different layers of grand piano tones to bring out the sound of a real piano. Therefore, the sound of the PX760, like all other Casio models using the AiR sound technology, can be said to be pretty amazing.

However, the Casio PX760 doesn't just offer impressive sounds. Critiques and users alike have commented that the PX760 has moved away from the previous rough sound of the PX750 and now delivers smoother and more detailed sound. The reason behind this is the addition of 128 polyphony notes, which help deliver grandeur resonance and details.

Well Designed Responsive Keyboard

The Casio PX760 uses Casio's patented keybed system of the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer action. The system showcases hammer replicated keys, which have the same size and action as an acoustic piano with lower keys that are heavier, and higher keys that are lighter. Additionally, the keys have an ivory and ebony feel that prevents fingers from slipping and instills good playing behavior.

The best part about this keyboard, however, is its 3 sensors on the key's touch response function. The sensors measure the speed of the hammer against the velocity of whatever key is pressed, resulting in an exquisite and detailed performance. This sensor response feature makes the perfect pair for the instrument's sound quality. This is because, though the sound is smooth, users can control responsiveness easily thanks to the key's sensors.

Casio PX760 Review

Concert Play Function

Another great upgrade feature of the Casio PX760 is a concert play function that provides users access to a live orchestra recital of 10 songs in high quality audio. With this function, you'll get to enjoy 2 key benefits:

• Sharpening of your playing skills as the function allows you to listen as you practice.

• Deep self-entertainment as the function emulates the performances of a grand live orchestra.

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18 Built-in Sounds Options

The concert play function is backed up by 18 different sounds that enable all sorts of performances. These sounds include concert, modern, bright, classic, mellow, e-piano, organ, and string to name a few. This multiple sounds feature makes the Casio PX760 a fun instrument to have around as well as a great piano learning tool.

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano Accessories

• The Casio PX760 BK digital piano

• Cabinet

• Stand

• Keyboard cover

• 3 pedal system

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano


The Casio PX760 BK measures 59 x 15 x 17 inches and weighs 85 pounds.


• A true upgrade from its predecessor (the Casio PX750).

• Allows enhancement of user experience through USB connections that enable iPad and iPhone connection to apps.

• Doesn't take up much room thanks to slim design.

• Features 2 distinct headphone jacks and is therefore ideal for student-teacher piano sessions as well as duets. And supporting the dual headphone feature is a Duet Mode that splits the keyboard into 2 separate keyboards within the same chromatic scale.

• Has a watts speaker that provides sufficient sound for loud playing.

• Features a Split Mode that allows users to play different instrument sounds on each hand within the keyboard.

• Allows you to play 2 different sounds simultaneously on one key.


• The digital piano is quite heavy.


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The Casio PX760 digital piano has been described as an awesome instrument that plays nicely, sounds great, and has good action on the keys. The only available complaints are that the digital piano is heavy and that the higher notes seem to be a little underwhelmed by the lower keys at times (when compared to a real piano). However, these are perhaps setbacks that in no way affect the piano's quality. For a digital piano, the instrument is pretty well-rounded and therefore would make a worthwhile buy.

Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano Price

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The Casio PX760 makes a great buy for 2 simple reasons. It's relatively low-priced in regards to the features it offers and of a high-quality build. So, if you're shopping for a digital piano, buying the PX760 will ensure you don't have to sacrifice too much on quality. With this instrument, you'll get to enjoy the experience of a full-size acoustic grand piano at a fraction of the price that a traditional piano will cost you.

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