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Accessories to Purchase Along With Your Piano Keyboard

Accessories to Purchase With Piano Keyboard

Whether you’re are buying an electric keyboard for personal or professional use, having a few accessories around can help enhance your playing experience. This post will list some of the important accessories that you’ll need to help make your piano playing sessions more enjoyable.

Sustain Pedal

A digital piano can come with or without a sustain pedal, and those that come with this crucial digital piano part may not have all three pedals. So, depending on the instrument you buy, you may need to buy a pedal bar or go for the option of a pedal bar, which has all 3 pedals. Just make sure to buy sustain pedals that are compatible with your keyboard or digital piano.

Other alternatives to sustain pedals are on and off switches. Although they’re cheaper, they’re still not as efficient as sustain pedals.

Digital Piano Stand

A stand is a very important accessory as it enables you to maintain good posture while playing. Therefore, if your keyboard does not come with its own integral stand, you’ll have to purchase one.

Stands come in a variety of types with the most popular options being the x-frame stands, the table stands, and the z stands. The z and table stands are perfect for large keyboards and stage pianos as they’re designed to hold heavy loads. The x-frame stand, on the other hand, is the most loved option as they fold for easy transport and are inexpensive.


Piano benches are designed to help you maintain the correct upright posture and develop good playing habits. This is unlike dinner table chairs, couches, and other chair types which can encourage bad playing habits such as leaning back while playing the piano. So, make sure to buy a comfortable bench if your keyboard does not come with one.

Music Stand

When it comes to digital piano accessories, a music stand is an absolute must-have. This is because the accessory enables you to comfortably read your music as you’re playing. Therefore, a music stand should be at the top of your digital piano accessories to-buy list. In addition to being cheap, music stands can be easily found in music stores and online sites. So, finding the ideal music stand for you will not be difficult.

Keyboard Cover

Keyboard covers are designed for the sole purpose of enabling you to care for your piano keyboard the right way. They keep your instrument clean and protect it against dirt, water, moisture, and spills. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your piano and keep its quality intact. Whether your instrument will be staying at home or going with you on tours, a keyboard cover is a top priority.

The cover you buy should be able to stretch over your entire keyboard. Be sure to check the dimensions of your instrument before making a purchase. This way, you’ll be able to find a cover that will accommodate your keyboard.

Carry Bag/Case

If you’re a travelling musician, one of the most important accessories you’ll need to buy is a carry bag or case. A carry bag will make it easy to transport the instrument and also protect it against damage during the trip. Make sure the bag or case you buy is big and spacious enough to fit your instrument and its accompanying accessories.


Amplifiers can be bought whether or not your keyboard has its own in-built speakers and amplifiers. These accessories can come in handy when you’re playing for a large audience. They will ensure that your music will be heard even in the biggest of halls.


Headphones are an inevitable investment if you live in a small house and do not want to disturb the people around you when you’re playing the piano. This accessory also enables you to play at night without disturbing the neighbors. It’s important to keep in mind that poor quality headphones can distort the sound quality of your digital piano while top quality ones allow you to hear the piano sound as it is. Therefore, don’t hold back when buying headphones.


If you plan to connect your digital piano to your computer, you’ll need the standard USB and MIDI cables. Make sure the ones you buy are of good quality and compatible with your instrument.


Finally, if you want to extend the functionality of your instrument, investing in interactive piano software would be a good way to achieve your goal. There are tons of digital piano software options in the market. Some are intended for learning purposes, others for enhancing your play options, while some help to add some fun to your piano playing experience. So, go the option that best meets your piano playing needs.

Some accessories such as the sustain pedal, keyboard cover, and bench are must-haves while others such as amplifiers and software are optional. However, they’re all guaranteed to make your piano playing sessions so much more fun.

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