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Yamaha Arius YDPS51B Review

Yamaha Arius YDPS51B

The level of performance you can expect from digital pianos nowadays is simply amazing. Some of the best models in the market provide real piano sounds and have a vast array of features that make them valuable playing partners for pianists of all levels.

One such model is the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B 88-note weighted action console-style digital piano, which features an upright design and is designed to resemble a real piano in both appearance and performance. Therefore, this piano makes a worthwhile buy as it offers you an authentic piano playing experience. To help you realize the full potential of the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B, this review takes an in-depth look at this digital piano to help you figure out whether it is the kind of instrument you need.

The Piano Enables Flawless Play

One of the defining features of the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B is its 128-note polyphony. This simply means that the digital piano can play up to 128 notes at one time. With this much polyphony notes, chances of earlier pressed notes disappearing to accommodate newer ones are less likely to occur. Therefore, your playing will be flawless regardless of how demanding your song is in terms of complex notes.

Keyboard and Pedal Provide Plenty of Control

Another great feature of the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B is the amazing amount of control this digital piano gives you while you’re playing. All this is thanks to its Graded Hammer (GH) and the 3 sturdy metal pedals. The GH keyboard imitates both the weight of piano keyboard as well as the resistance of the keys. As a result, the low-end keys are heavier to the touch while the upper end ones are lighter. This keyboard set up gives you plenty of control while playing. You’ll not have to work hard at pressing the keys since they all have the needed amount of resistance. The pedals, on the other hand, offer even more control as they allow you to hit the notes you want while playing.

Yamaha Arius YDPS51B

Top Quality Engine Produces Rich Piano Sound

The Yamaha Arius YDPS51B features one of Yamaha’s renowned technologies: a Pure CF Sound Engine. This engine sound is well known for producing amazing realistic piano sounds that can fill up even the grandest of concert halls. However, that’s not the only reason why this compact digital piano gives off such incredible sounds. It also features an “Acoustic Optimizer”, a technology new to Yamaha, which works by physically adjusting the flow of sound waves to enrich overall sound.

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Duo Mode Offers More Play Options

In addition to providing you with an enjoyable solo play experience, the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B also doubles up as a great instrument for practicing duet playing. This is thanks to its Duo Mode, which enables you to split the keyboard into two and thus play with a partner. What’s more, you can record songs in two parts in the piano’s inbuilt memory and play duets all by yourself.

Yamaha Arius YDPS51B Accessories

• AC adapter

• Song book

• 3 control pedals

Yamaha Arius YDPS51B Review


The Yamaha Arius YDPS51B measures 58 x 17x 21 inches.


• Features a soft close lid

• Takes up little space and can therefore fit nicely in a small apartment

• The strategic location of the piano’s music rest and pedals enable you to achieve a comfortable playing position

• The digital piano comes with 50 preset songs

• Has a USB port


• The piano wiggles a little when placed on a carpeted floor


Customer Reviews: Click Here

Do you base your purchases on customer reviews? If so, you should be glad to know that the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B is one of the more positively rated digital pianos on the market.

Yamaha Arius YDPS51B Price

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Although the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B is not a real piano, it has been designed to look, feel, and function like one. What’s more, its piano style keyboard and pedals prepare you for playing the real thing. Therefore, should you choose to upgrade to an actual piano, you’ll be able to transition easily. Overall, the Yamaha Arius YDPS51B is a good choice if you’re looking for a compact keyboard to practice with as you get to grips with how it is like to play a grand piano. Its realistic design will act as great teaching tool while providing you with years of enjoyment.

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