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Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Review

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano

In a bid to improve on the shortcomings of its predecessor, the engineers at Yamaha designed the CP4 stage piano with tons of useful features that make it ideal for both home and on-stage use. Considered to be one of best – if not the best – stage piano in the market, everything about the CP4 has been designed to produce the sounds and feel of a grand piano. Whatever you’re looking for in a keyboard, the Yamaha CP4 will meet it and even offer you so much more. Here are the various highlights and cons of this keyboard.

Quality Sound

Although Yamaha has a rich history of producing world-class sounding keyboards and pianos, the brand has truly outdone itself with CP4’s sound. This stage piano features a selection of sounds from some of the best grand pianos designed by Yamaha, including the S6, CFX, and CFIIIS. The CFX is known for its tone quality which can fill the largest concert halls while the CFIIIS has a bright sound with a resonant bass. The S6, on the other hand, features a richer, deeper, and warmer tone. Also included are some VCM effects for Vintage EPs and a variety of other sounds created using Yamaha’s flagship technology known as MOTIF synth. The end result is an impressive sound that is unparalleled by most stage pianos in the market and capable of competing with the best grand pianos.

Touch and Response Keys

Without a good functioning keyboard, even the best of piano sounds would be completely lost. This is the reason why Yamaha’s CP4 Stage Piano features a Natural Wood (NW) Keyboard with synthetic ivory key tops – they give piano players added comfort and ease of use.

Matching up to the quality sound of the piano, these keys are nicely balanced and designed with the right amount of weight needed to ensure excellent performance. These keys are similar to a grand piano in the sense that they feature Graded Hammer action with heavier lower end keys and lighter upper end keys. Furthermore, the keys give you full control in bringing out the different nuances in the tones you’re playing as they feature 3 sensors in addition to 2 sensors for detecting key stroke strength.

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Review

Easy to Switch Functions

With a variety of sounds ranging from string to bass to organ and many more others, the type of songs you can play with Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano are limitless. The best part is you’ll have a good time playing on the CP4 as it’s easy to switch through functions with this piano. Setting up splits and layers is as simple as pressing one of the many large lighted buttons. In the same manner, the various voice category buttons make it easy and quick to change piano sounds.

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Easy to Navigate Interface

When it comes to usage, the CP4 Yamaha Stage Piano has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate. Additionally, the piano’s blue back lit display conveys functions smartly, making it easier to use the piano.

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Accessories

• Sustain pedal

• Power cord

• User manual

Yamaha CP4 Review


The Yamaha CP4 measures 59.1 x 17.7 x 10 inches.


• Has beautiful grand piano sounds and other classical sounds

• The piano is slim, well built, and portable

• Has 5 in-built vintage piano voices that enable you to beautifully reproduce classic music

• Features over 400 in-built sounds


• The piano does not allow you to load your own music

• Does not feature in-built speakers


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The Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano is obviously a top rated musical instrument. The high consumer rating it has earned at various independent review sites speaks volumes about the level of quality and performance you can expect. According to several buyers, the biggest benefits of this stage piano are its amazing sounds, authentic feel, quick responsiveness, and overall excellent quality.

Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Price

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From an authentic sound and feel, to the intuitive interface and elegant design, the CP4 makes playing the piano an enjoyable and relaxing experience. So, if you’re willing to spend a bit of money, the Yamaha CP4 is a piano you’ll be proud and thankful to own. Its quality, craftsmanship, and features will provide you with endless pleasure. Most importantly, this stage piano offers true value when you consider its overall quality and features compared to similar models on the market that fall within the same price range.

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