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Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P Series P35B

Digital pianos offer much convenience to the avid music lover. They’re portable, lightweight, and best of all, made in compact sizes to fit small spaces with ease. Additionally, music keyboards are a great bargain for those who can’t afford to buy a grand piano.

If you’re in the market for one of these music instruments, consider buying the Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key digital piano model. This is one of best choices for beginners and intermediate players who want something that comes close to a grand piano. The following review will help you make an informed buying decision by providing all the details you need to know about this digital piano keyboard from Yamaha.

Equipped with Advanced Wave Memory Technology

Music enthusiasts who love the sounds the acoustic piano makes will not be disappointed with this digital keyboard. The keyboard has plenty of features that refine the acoustic sounds, and these include a voice layering function, pitch control, tempo increase/decrease, 4 reverb effects, and 10 preset voices.

With that said, the most impressive feature of this 32-note polyphony digital piano is still Yamaha’s proprietary Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology. AWM sampling applies a digital filter on pairs of waveforms (L and R) captured by two microphones, allowing you to alter, arrange, and create richer sounds.

Weighted Keys Designed Using Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Technology

When playing a grand piano, it takes more effort to strike the white keys on the lower section than the black ones on the higher row. Yamaha’s P35B digital piano provides that authentic feel with its weighted keys. The white notes have been designed in this manner using a technology known as the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS). It’s also possible to adjust the keyboard sensitivity to match whatever playing style you prefer.

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Compact and Lightweight Design

Don’t have enough room for a grand piano? Fret not, because this digital keyboard features a compact design. The keyboard is just over 22” long, 6.06” high, and almost 12” wide. As such, it doesn’t take up much room even when performing on a tight stage. Weighing only 25 pounds, it will be relatively easy to carry this keyboard with you when traveling to different places for gigs.

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Dual Mode Function is perfect for Tutors and Students

Yamaha included a dual mode feature to make this digital piano a bit more functional when using it for lessons. With the dual mode function, it’s possible to split your Yamaha P35B keyboard in half. This creates two sections of keys where tutors can teach students side by side. The keyboard is approximately 4 feet across, so there is enough space to accommodate two players.

As far as compatibility with other devices is concerned, the P35B 88-Key Yamaha Keyboard comes with a couple of standard MIDI in/out ports. You can connect a pair of headphones as well if you wish to practice alone and avoid disturbing anyone nearby.

Yamaha P Series P35B Accessories

• 1 Yamaha P35B 88-Key digital piano

• Foot switch

• Owner’s manual

You can choose to buy the digital piano by itself or opt for the package set with additional accessories. The bundle offer is for buyers who want all the complementing accessories that come with the piano. These include:

- 1 Gearlux dual braced stand

- Gearlux dust cover

- Austin Bazar polishing cloth

- 1 Sustain pedal

- 1 Pair of headphones

- Austin Bazar Instructional DVD

- Hal Leonard Instructional booklet

Yamaha P Series P35B Review


This 25.6-pound digital piano measures 52.2 (L) x 11.6 (W) x 6.06 (H) inches.


• The keyboard truly sounds like a real piano

• Compact design ideal for small spaces

• Full set of 88 weighted keys

• Lightweight and portable for easy transportation

• The piano comes with a decent amount of features


• Does not support USB devices

• Compared to other Yamaha digital pianos in the P Series, the P35B has a lower number of polyphony sounds

• No recording function included


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Consumer ratings for Yamaha’s P35B 88-key digital piano are quite good. Most buyers have expressed satisfaction from their purchase at various piano forums while only a few buyers have been disappointed so far.

Yamaha P Series P35B Price

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If you’re looking for a full set 88-key digital piano, then Yamaha’s P35B model should be one of the choices to include in your list. This piano keyboard offers excellent value for the price when you consider its portability, compact design, acoustic functions, and other features. Despite the few shortcomings listed in the cons section, the P35B Yamaha digital piano has many benefits to offer that make it worth buying.

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