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Yamaha P115B Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

Yamaha is a well-known brand whose keyboards are a common fixture in the homes of many piano enthusiasts. Their keyboards and pianos range from simple entry-level options to state of the art models. So, if you are looking for a keyboard, Yamaha would be an excellent brand to shop from because you’re guaranteed with excellent quality.

When deciding between various digital pianos, you should keep a lookout for the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano. This piano carries on the tradition of the best-selling P-series and offers you plenty of user-friendly features.

Combination of Features Give the Piano a Great Sound

A leader in digital piano technology, Yamaha produces pianos with excellent sound quality and the P115B Yamaha Digital Piano is no exception. The P115B uses a Pure CF sound engine, making it sound just like the renowned CFIIS9 concert grand piano (also made by Yamaha). In addition, the piano’s built-in speakers have top mounted tweeters that further enhance sound quality. And that’s not all. You can amplify the piano’s sound through its AUX output which enables you to connect to external speakers or amplifiers without cutting off the piano’s own speakers.

Piano App Enables Easier Operation

While the piano on its own is easy to operate, it features a free ‘Digital Piano Controller’ app which makes operation even easier. With this app you can access and control the various functions of Yamaha’s P115B Digital Piano directly from your smart phone or iPad.

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano GHS weighted 88 Keys

Built-In Rhythms

If drums are one of your favorite music instruments, you’ll enjoy using the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano. This digital piano provides you with a broad range of play via its built-in rhythms which enable you to incorporate drum patterns to your playing. Featuring a variety of beats from rock, to shuffle, to swing and more, the built-in rhythms enable you to have a lot of fun whether you’re practicing, playing during your leisure, or performing before an audience.

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Pianist Styles

Featuring 10 different styles, the “Pianist Styles” feature of the P115B Yamaha Digital Piano enables you to have plenty of fun as you perform dueling piano shows all by yourself. This feature acts your very own dueling partner – you play chords with your left/right hand and the Pianist Style provides the accompaniment patterns to make your playing sound beautiful. Your other hand in turn is left free to play other chords and melodies and thus make your playing sound even better.

88 GHS Weighted keys

In addition to making piano playing fun, the Yamaha P112B provides you with the added benefit of helping you to achieve proper finger technique. This it does through its 88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted keyboard which has heavier touch on the low end keys and a lighter touch on the high end keys. The keys also feature a matte finish that provides you with plenty of comfort every time you play.

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano Accessories

• The digital piano

• A limited 3-year warranty

• Owner’s manual and user guide

• AC power adapter

• Music rest

• Sustain pedal

Yamaha P115B Review


The P115B Yamaha Digital Piano measures 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches.


• Can be used at home, in a home studio, and even on stage

• The piano has a ‘USB to Host’ port

• Has 192 polyphony notes

• Weighing 37.7 pounds, the Yamaha P115B is easy to transport


• The 3-Year parts/labor limited warranty is only offered when you purchase the digital piano from authorized dealers such as Amazon.com


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There's a good chance this piano will score high ratings like its counterpart model, the P105B. Both digital pianos have a fair amount of similar features, except that the P115B costs slightly more seeing that you get an extra iOS App feature, adding to a rich graphical user interface.

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano Price

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Yamaha’s P115B Digital Piano offers professional quality sound, built-in rhythms, comfortable keys, lush accompaniment patterns, an audio enhancement option, and even a piano app! Very few piano models can boast of these much features and at such a cheap price as the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano. So, if you’re looking for great value for money, this digital piano from Yamaha is without a doubt the best way to go.

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