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Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

If you have had the pleasure of playing or owning the Yamaha P115, then you know that this instrument has been one of Yamaha's bestselling digital pianos for quite some time, and with good reason. Almost perfect, the Yamaha P115 has a ton of great features including an authentic touch keyboard, pure piano sound, a full 88 key-set, and a highly portable design, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, the P115 is not an ideal buy for a number of people because its price, though way cheaper than a grand piano, falls on the higher side of the price range of a standard keyboard. This is where the Yamaha P45B Digital Piano comes in. Normally cheaper than the P115 at most places (including online stores), the Yamaha P45B has most of the good qualities of the older P115 model plus a few unique features of its own, which make it a more value-for-money buy. This review discusses what's new with the Yamaha P45B digital piano to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Increased Polyphony Notes

Yamaha's digital pianos in the P series keep getting better with each release. The Yamaha P45B itself has 64-note polyphony, which is an upgrade from the 32-note polyphony of its direct predecessor, the P35. This polyphony number may not be as high that of other models but it's still a good enough number that will ensure you won't get bored easily with the unit by ensuring a variety in play options.

Split Function

Another upgrade feature of the Yamaha P45B is a dual/split mode that splits the keyboard into 2 spectacular parts that allow 2 people to play simultaneously. The best part of the split function is that it creates room for creativeness. For instance, one person can play bass guitar on the lower half of the keyboard while the second person gets to play piano on the upper half.

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Review

USB to Host Output

The Yamaha P45B has replaced the MIDI output of its predecessors with a USB to host output, which offers a few benefits. The USB output makes it easier to make recordings straight into a computer, and allows you access to a variety of music apps through connecting to computers and smartphones. Therefore, you'll be able to increase your play-list option with the P45B keyboard.

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Yamaha’s Patented Sound

Although not a new feature, the sound quality of the Yamaha is worth noting as it adds on to the digital piano's value. The P45B unit features Yamaha's classic sound engine, the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) stereo sampling. Designed to make a digital piano sound more realistic, the AWM stereo sampling uses pairs of waveforms captured in 2 microphones to deliver sound that's both richer and deeper. As a result, the Yamaha P45B gives off beautiful authentic sounds that resemble that of the brand's highly popular CFIIIS grand piano.

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Accessories

• PA-150B AC adapter

• Music rest

• FC-5 footswitch-style sustain pedal


The Yamaha P45B measures 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches and weighs 34.5 pounds.


• In addition to delivering authentic piano sounds, the Yamaha P45B feels like a real piano thanks to Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard action keys.

• Unlike other keyboards which are usually 5 or 6 octaves, the Yamaha P45B is a full-size 8-octave digital piano. This simply means that it provides plenty of room for playing more complex music that requires both hands, an advantage that's not found in keyboards.

• Another feature of the Yamaha P45B that allows playing of complex music is the presence of 88 keys. This number of keys allows you to play in comfort plus enable duets, which is a benefit that smaller models do not offer.

• Changing the settings of the P45B is done easily through the touch of a single button labeled "Grand Piano Function".

• Has a reverb and chorus effect that allows for warm sound quality and richer sound effects.

• Features an inbuilt energy saving feature that shuts off the digital piano after a period of inactivity.

• At just 26 pounds, the P45B is extremely light and easy to move around.

• Allows you to practice in silence without any background noise.


• The features of the Yamaha P45B are designed around beginners and students. Therefore, the instrument may not be a good fit for advanced pianists or professional musicians.


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With quite a number of positive reviews from past purchasers, the Yamaha P45B seems to be well-received and a well-loved instrument that users define as the perfect fit for beginners and college-bound students. This is because all features of the unit work well, the sound and keys are authentic, and the digital piano has a small footprint that's ideal for indoors and outdoors usage.

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Price

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This is the perfect unit for piano enthusiasts who cannot afford to buy a real grand piano or students who are learning how to play the piano. The asking price of Yamaha's P45B makes it a good start-up digital piano too, while its lightweight build allows you to carry it with ease when going for gigs.

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